Product classes

Industrial designs concern the aesthetic aspects of an object. A classification system exists for industrial designs that is used to define the scope of protection to be granted. Colbert Innovation assists you with this strategic decision and ensures that all designated products are in line with your creation.

Freedom of operation

Industrial design registration is a strong strategic asset in protecting the aesthetic characteristics of a product. In this area, litigation can have a considerable economic impact. It is therefore recommended to perform a prior art search before filing an industrial design application to ensure that the condition of novelty is met.


The filing of an industrial design is formalized in a document which is given to the INPI and then validated for registration. Colbert Innovation provides both legal and strategic support throughout the process. In addition, your industrial designs may need international protection. The strength of our international network allows for highly competent and relevant support.

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    The stakes of an application

    Filing an application is a pivotal moment in the life of any patent, trademark, or industrial design as it enables legal protection and sets the exploitation strategy in motion.


    A patent provides both legal and economic protection throughout the life of the innovation.


    A patent provides numerous benefits: it is a competitive advantage, a source of revenue, and represents future capital.