Patent applications

A patent is an exclusive right granted for technical innovation. This can be either a product or process, so long as it provides a technical solution to a specific technical problem. A patent application provides protection for the invention and can generate revenue in some cases.

Trademark applications

A trademark is a distinctive sign that can have a variety of forms: a word, name, logo, a combination of different elements, a specific sound, etc. A trademark application provides for a monopoly on this sign and protects from its use by competitors. A trademark can also generate revenue by being sold or licensed.

Industrial design rights

An industrial design constitutes the appearance of industrial products, i.e. their design. An industrial design application provides for the protection of a product’s aesthetic characteristics and for the exclusive right of exploitation. This protection can apply to the whole product or just a part of it.

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    The stakes of an application

    Filing an application is a pivotal moment in the life of any patent, trademark, or industrial design as it enables legal protection and sets the exploitation strategy in motion.


    A patent provides both legal and economic protection throughout the life of the innovation.


    A patent provides numerous benefits: it is a competitive advantage, a source of revenue, and represents future capital.