Products and services

Choosing which products and services are covered when filing an application is a highly strategic decision with long term effects regarding the definition and scope of the trademark. The drafting of sound wording is necessary to define the extent of the protection granted by the trademark. Colbert Innovation assists you in this decision and ensures that the designated products and services cover your entire activity.

Freedom to operate

Before filing a trademark application, it is important to consider the legal constraints that could prevent the procedure’s validation: can I register the name I chose, is it free to operate…? Trademarks are registered in large global databases. In order to ensure its registration, to avoid a conflict with an earlier trademark, and to enhance its relevance, a prior art search must be carried out to evaluate the availability of the chosen sign.


Having determined the trademark’s availability and the strategic selection of products and services, it is now time to proceed to the filing of the trademark application with the INPI. Colbert Innovation provides legal and editorial support for filing the application. In addition, your brand may need international protection or monitoring and defense. The strength of our network allows for highly competent and relevant support.

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    The stakes of an application

    Filing an application is a pivotal moment in the life of any patent, trademark, or industrial design as it enables legal protection and sets the exploitation strategy in motion.


    A patent provides both legal and economic protection throughout the life of the innovation.


    A patent provides numerous benefits: it is a competitive advantage, a source of revenue, and represents future capital.