The application

This is the prerequisite for protection.

An application is the first act of protection, and must also contain the invention’s protection strategy.

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A patent provides both legal and economic protection throughout the life of the innovation.


A patent provides numerous benefits: it is a competitive advantage, a source of revenue, and represents future capital.


Colbert Innovation advises and accompanies you throughout the entire length of the patent value chain.

State of the art

Novelty search

Patent application

Administrative management

Freedom to operate

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Your inventions deserve to be protected.

Colbert Innovation analyzes your company’s techniques via our protection diagnosis in order to help you identify the techniques that merit protection.

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Tarifs INPI

Augmentation des tarifs de l’INPI

Depuis le 11 décembre 2019, l’INPI a fait évoluer ses tarifs de dépôt de marque. Afin de lutter contre l’encombrement du Registre National des Marques, l’INPI a changé sa politique tarifaire.


Le terrain du secret

Quel est le point commun entre Coca-Cola, Google, Nutella et KFC? Ces entreprises cultivent le secret.

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