Our professional approach does not favor litigation…
Our professional approach does not favor litigation, which we only perceive as a means to an end. Experience has proven that filing a lawsuit is a serious decision, which should only be considered as a last resort.
When this decision is necessary...
However, when this decision is necessary, Colbert Innovation fully supports both the strategy and conduct of the litigation, by providing the most effective technical arguments possible in favor of the claim or defense. Furthermore, our close association with the lawyers of Colbert Avocats allows us to maximize the effectiveness of litigation and improve the cost-benefit ratio.

The application

This is the prerequisite for protection.

An application is the first act of protection, and must also contain the invention’s protection strategy.

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A patent provides both legal and economic protection throughout the life of the innovation.


A patent provides numerous benefits: it is a competitive advantage, a source of revenue, and represents future capital.